domingo, 13 de fevereiro de 2011

Tribute to Sepultura reuniting bands from Pernabuco available at the band's official website

The Tribute - "Ratamahatta - De Pernambuco para o Mundo: um tributo ao Sepultura" - which reunites bands from the state of Pernambuco (Northeasten Brazil), is already available for free download at Sepultura's official website.

Idealized by Emanuel Júnior, the project reunites bands from Pernambuco, paying a tribute to the biggest brazilian band ever.

Line-up and tracklist:

Cangaço - Attitude
Cruor - Escape to the Void
Desalma - Propaganda
Doleo Aeternus - Come Back Alive
Eternal Oblivion - Territory
Infested Blood - Beneath the Remains
Insurrection Down - Apes of God

Lethal Virus – Desperate Cry
Malkuth - Troops of Doom
Moria - Dead Embryonic Cells
Nobb - Roots Bloody Roots
Pandemmy - Convicted in Life
Sonoris Fabrica – Valtio
TrueViolence - Arise
Unscarred - Slave New World

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