domingo, 26 de setembro de 2010

"RATAMAHATTA - From Pernambuco to the World: a tribute to Sepultura" - NEWS

After almost 3 years, I can announce that "RATAMAHATTA - De Pernambuco Para o Mundo: um tributo ao Sepultura", a tribute to Sepultura reuniting bands from Pernambuco (Northeasten Brazil), it's soon to be released.

We're waiting for the last band, Cangaço (which represented Brazil at Wacken's "Metal Battle", after winning the national challenge), that is going to studios in the next week to record their song, "Attitude".

After that, we'll be able to release the Tribute on the internet, at Sepultura official website.

Andreas Kisser, Sepultura guitar player, talking about the Tribute said:

"Pernambuco is a brazilian state with an unique and very rich culture"

"Pernambuco's popular culture has influenced Sepultura, specially Chico Science & a Nação Zumbi, that showed a new way for brazilian popular music"

"I have always great memories from Pernambuco. It was there where I've played with Sepultura for the first time. In Pernambuco, I feel like home"

"I'm proud of beeing a member of Sepultura. Every Tribute is very welcome"

"I hope that this Tribute help us to keep motivating and inspiring the new generations to follow music way. Thanks!"

The complete tracklisting is:

Cangaço - Attitude
Cruor - Escape to the Void
Doleo Aeternus - Come Back Alive
Eternal Oblivion - Territory
Infested Blood - Beneath the Remains
Insurrection Down - Apes of God
Malkuth - Troops of Doom
Moria - Dead Embryonic Cells
Sonoris Fabrica – Valtio
TrueViolence - Arise
Unscarred - Slave New World

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karine pereira disse...

Olá, meu nome é karine e sou de Goiânia.

karine pereira disse...

Olá, meu nome é karine e sou de Goiânia.